Recommended Stone Care Products

Probably the single biggest reason for our residential restoration jobs is the wrong products were used which resulted in damage to the stone. We urge our customers to use only quality products designated safe for natural stone to maintain your stone in optimal condition. Visit for quality stone care products.

We we are proud to say that we are a Stonecare Central Partner.


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Stonecare Central is a truly unique resource for consumers and professionals who need to maintain natural stone, tile & grout. At the very heart of who we are is an ever growing network of seasoned professionals that actively work with natural stone and tile & grout on a daily basis.

It is these Pros that determine which products Stonecare Central carries. You can be assured that before any product is added to the inventory it has been thoroughly tested in the field by the Pros. (In fact, wherever you see “What Our Pros Say” on the details page for any product in our on-line store, just click on it to see the comments and feedback of our pros.)

Thus, end users — both homeowners and contractors — benefit from the collective expertise of this network. Because Stonecare Central continually goes through the trial and error and time and expense of identifying the very best products available, you don’t have to. Manufacturers heed the input from Stonecare Central. When the Pros at Stonecare Central present an unmet need to the product manufacturers, they very often take that input and translate it into improvements or expansions in their product line. Furthermore, Stonecare Central is committed to making honest, unbiased recommendations and prices products competitively. The driving goal of Stonecare Central is to be THE trusted resource for quality stone, tile & grout care and maintenance products, information and resources.